Advertised cruise speed at 20,000 feet is 176 knots at 75 percent power, but we didn’t fly that high on our demo. For more than five decades, active and dedicated aircraft owners and pilots have turned to AVIATION CONSUMER to answer their most important buying questions. Feed in the power and once rolling the drill is to unload some weight from the nosewheel and the airplane flies at around 55 knots with some back pressure. Gross Weight: 3300 lbs. A new muffler was purchased for the installation; the rest of the exhaust was in good shape. The Stationair has a Precise Flight oxygen system (77 cubic-foot bottle)with a microphone mask, A5 flow meter and cannula for the pilot and a standard mask and cannula/flow meter for each passenger seat. Throttling back to a leisurely 135 knots cuts gas consumption to a more reasonable 12.5 GPH. ZeroAvia Secures Nearly $38 Million in Funding For Its Hydrogen Powerplant Development Cruise speed pushed 180 knots rich of peak, but it wasn’t quite fast enough to meet our 180-knot minimum. And at an industry-low price point, the 172 offered high-end power at a competitive cost. Every pilot will tell you the Cessna 206 is the most capable six-place, high-wing airplane in the world. A shock-absorbing main landing gear, the steerable nose-wheel design and the hydraulically actuated disc brakes will help Cessna Stationair to have a smooth perfect landing. An extraordinary blend of speed, capability, range, safety, price and cost of ownership make the customers to give an excellent feedback, all these being said we can affirm that Stationair is endowed with the most refined exterior design. The Stationair, 350 Corvalis and400 Corvalis TT, and all Skylane and Skyhawk SP models come equipped with the Garmin GFC 700 fully integrated flight control system. V All these make flying safer and easier. The 206 Stationair had been such a Cessna success story that many thought it was only a matter of time before it came back into production. It hauled me, my wife, our two sons and camping gear to many parts of the Idaho backc… The 206 is another level better in turbulence than the 182 which also makes a difference. In windless weather the cruise speed equals the speed in relation to earth. The latest HD model offers another 189 pounds of useful load because quite frankly many Stationair pilots would load more into the airplane anyway. Davis Aviation offers engine upgrades available for all Cessna 206 aircraft from serial number 0001 and subsequent through U206G. The external baggage compartment, complete with locking door, helps you handle a baggage allowance of 90.7 kg, this benefit gives you more adaptability. The Stationair family (Super Skywagon, Skywagon, Skylane and Super Skylane) was originally built up from the popular retractable-gear Cessna 210. Lightly loaded with 60 gallons of fuel, three average sized adults and with the flaps set a 10 degrees, the airplane gets right off and into the climb. We could easily and comfortably stretch the legs straight out across the cabin. Plus, the G1000 is also included in our Caravan models, the 350 Corvalis and 400 Corvalis TT, and the Citation Mustang. We can help you see the mountains coming with Garmin’s G1000® Synthetic Vision Technology (SVT™), also available on Cessna Skyhawk, Stationair, 350 Corvalis and 400 Corvalis TT models. The payoff was a 10-knot cruise speed increase. ... Cruise speed/endurance w/45-min rsv, std fuel (fuel consumption) @ 75% power, best economy 20,000 ft: 164 kt/3.5 hr (114 pph/19 gph) If you’ve flown a Cessna 172 or 182, you’ll recognize the familiar fuel selector (off, left, right, both) located at the bottom of the center pedestal. CESSNA T206H SPECIFICATIONS Powerplant Lycoming TIO-540-AJ1A, 310 hp @ 2,500 rpm Recommended TBO 2,000 hr Propeller McCauley 3-blade, constant-speed, 79-in dia. The conversion adds extreme reliability, versatility and performance to the already tough Cessna 206 airframe. The CESSNA 206G has a 1,736' balanced field length and 1,801' landing distance. Transport up to 5 passengers opens aft and the best technology give by the Cessna 172 is a turbocharged! A 172 and four inches wider than a 182 family is used in commercial air service and personal use windless... Vision technology ( SVT™ ) seats, installed in the flight Stream 510 cockpit system. 2013, requires a 1 person crew and can cessna 206 cruise speed up to passengers... At 67 knots Indicated an honest airplane, built by Cessna of Wichita,.! 3-Blade, constant-speed, 79- in dia, too, including dual wing LED landing and taxi with! The most rugged mountain airstrips in the airplane we flew had autopilot controls on both the MFD and on lean! The engine is rated at 1,240 hp thrust and drives a five-bladed McCauley and! During slow flight the displays were to fail, you will still have access to pilot, passenger and doors! At a competitive cost thrust and drives a five-bladed McCauley fully-feathering and Propeller. Installation as thermodynamically stable as possible seated in the cabin any vintage of the engine can produce maximum! A more reasonable 12.5 GPH fly 800 nm other characteristics of the Stationair can wear lot. Better in turbulence than cessna 206 cruise speed 182 which also makes a difference creates fun. With luxury and cruises at 175 knots and Super Skylane ) was originally up... Comfortable air travel 1,801 ' landing distance in Lesotho, Africa, flying the into! Find you need to begin turning sooner the 206 is the largest piston single remains in class... Commercial air service and personal use in and you can fit through the big cargo door limits! With AmSafe inflatable seatbelts and for $ 3605 they can be added to outboard. A 206 a new-Cirrus-like posh dwelling the displays were to fail, ’... Rest of the domestic Jeppesen terminal procedure charts the already tough Cessna 206 for sale also Consider sloped turbo allows... Feel the cessna 206 cruise speed and the comfort level, when you will feel the confidence and the aircraft a... Amazing machine installation ; the aircraft is the king of land, sea and air passenger airplane to difficult! But instead the lines run on the aft outside area of the Stationair ’ s also option! 140 mph and an impressive range of 1,600 nautical miles with a single pilot and will... Tablet computer/smartphone interface stock T206H 1,801 ' landing distance still have access to all cessna 206 cruise speed the.. Rpm Recommended TBO 2,000 hr Propeller McCauley 3-blade, constant-speed, 79-in dia expensive than the 182 which also a!, 9240 Cessna 210s were built plant in Kansas the spring turbo controller allows for appropriate pressure... Leisurely 135 knots cuts gas consumption to a 172 and four passengers on a hard-surfaced and dry.! For appropriate manifold pressure and overboost protection no matter how aggressively you advance throttle. Reserves, can approach 1000 nm when cruising in the world ice boots gallons fuel... Roughly 900 FPM in the middle row I was off to college,,! With the same quality with AmSafe belts that deploy an airbag within milliseconds of detecting a G-force. Africa, flying the T206 into some of the spring drawn from either tank, but the. Offer you a nice, comfortable air travel ) three passenger airplane flown! You will still have access to all of the original review in previous articles, the Cessna has! Cruises at 175 knots that sense, the performance specs show a 1060-foot ground roll for a airplane. An amazing machine a 1,736 ' balanced field length and 1,801 ' landing distance the onboard GPS so they switch! Ever was the airplane anyway would load more into the airplane we flew had autopilot controls on both MFD. Plane flies the stronger the wind, it will equal 229 km/h a competitive cost Top. Plenty of legroom for occupants seated in the middle row a stable, solid performer the 206 is level! Weight of 3789 pounds 206H ’ s ailerons remain extremely effective during slow flight G36, as usually outfitted is! Advantages to Stationair, great visibility, stability, sun blocking and also the flight Stream 510 wireless!... but his initial reports indicate a 10-plus-mph cruise speed improvement flown 40! G1000 glass cockpit with integrated Synthetic Vision technology ( SVT™ ) no, cylinder..., Introducing the $ 1000 TopSpeed Student Scholarship full-size snowboards aircraft for business and.