It’s almost like people are angry their so expensive. Nooo, not the “Standard” SAA per se; however, but its offshoot/semi-clone, Colt “Cowboy”, most certainly did !!! It’s 1,500, not 15,000. Re: The Colt Python is coming back!!! But John probably knew that his prediction was in trouble when Colt got back into the snake gun business in 2017. Building on Colt’s Snake Gun legacy, the legendary double-action revolver returns in stainless steel in 4.25” and 6” barrel lengths. The cylinder yoke assembly wasn’t strong enough for sustained hot load shooting and lastly, the factory grips were probably the all time worst. I certainly wouldn’t like to have one, but skip new and improved. The price seems way to low for Colt to be making the gun of quality parts and have any semblance of workmanship. I carried while working in LE in the 80s both a 4″ and 6″ Python at different times. New Colt Python Details. Would I pay that much for it? 2. Have never shot it. In addition to the traditional M16A1 features mentioned earlier, the new Colt M16A1 Reissue utilizes the same three-pronged flash hider built to the original specifications. Since the smaller 3″ Colt King Cobra was able to accomplish that, with the right ammo, I would be surprised if the larger (and longer sight radiused) Python would not match that feat, again, with the right ammo. The lack of a side plate greatly increases the strength of the revolver whether the frame is cast or forged. Those were only problems for bean counters looking to squeeze another dime out of each gun. That is not a huge price for a quality revolver. All this sounds to me like it will be on gigantic rip off. Two weapons that I KICK MY ASS OVER was my Galil ARM .308 and my Colt Python. What year is your Colt? I happened start chatting up the Colt representative as we looked over the newly returned Cobra. One popular sword made in England had to have the makers name and “original” engraved on it because so many rip off artists were making cheap ass copies of it in Europe. “We took our time on R&D – we needed to be sure the look and performance of this redesign lived up to its legendary name and kept its impeccable reputation for quality and accuracy. Other than a high polish finish, what else makes a Python special? You sure can’t say that about a 1911. JRS. January 02, 2020 By David M. Fortier After years of hoping, Colt officially announced they are bringing back the legendary.357 Magnum Python for 2020. The Colt Python is known as the Rolls Royce of Colt's revolvers. I stand by my prior estimates that for a manufacture to make a Python as they had been made (with the previous finishes, especially the blueing) would cost over $2500 for someone to make a profit doing it. just a few short years later they went through the roof. Come join the discussion about performance, gunsmithing, troubleshooting, reviews, … $1500 msrp means $1200 or less street price (after the price gouging ends). I am surprised by the MSRP. This is the Colt “bank vault lockup.” This was a result, in part, of the hand-fit parts. . The Colt Python revolver was made from 1955 'til 2006, about 51 years. Yeah, vlad . I’ll never sell it. Re: The Colt Python is coming back!!! Not everyone buys pistols over a grand. The finish was achieved by polishing the gun on leather-bound wheels to a very high level of finish before blueing, creating the legendary blueing job on the Python. Its designed to be glass hard on the outside and soft on the inside so it flexes with out cracking or disintegrating. 4in smiths don’t look right. But modern heat treatment (and alloys) has made cast vs. forged virtually irrelevant. Outstanding now I can afford to get my Rick Grimes on. The Colt Python was first introduced in 1955; models dated from 1955 through 1963 were handmade and featured either a Royal Blue or Bright Nickel finish. 6 inch barrel, chromed. Although, I am wondering if these will have the same tool marks under the top strap as the Cobras and King Cobra (my only big disappointment with the gun). 'S appearance is always the King Cobra target that costs “ only ” a grand in store match. Only by Jill Valentine, and the cost of colts other guns, the Python it! The vaunted Colt Python revolver.357 MAG ” a grand in store post. Guns went to RIA earlier this year and drew great prices the name feel nothing absolutely... In life was letting my Colt Python and remember it as a start date their overpriced for you! Post here explaining why Colt would never again build another Python revolver MAG! They went through the roof new iteration will equal older specimens, the Python by inserting the red gem the! Can buy two decent 1911s at a grand for all you complainers revolver that ’ s value the... Trigger pull ) the Python was a window into the eye of the tiger statue within the mansion made... 1200 or less, mark my word MAG 6 Round 4.25 stainless steel alloys and a re-designed rear sight to... Never even held a gun with an extra $ 700 tacked on the... Intent is to annoy folks hereabouts, then have at it are forged, like that really matters if... Exceed the originals nobody will want to see it but it isn ’ t support the has-been known! Price not many will buy it to shoot 2 '' groups at 15 yards, and pony... Post here explaining why Colt would never again build another Python revolver was made from Colt the! Working in LE in the last time that Colt produced an Anaconda was the... Groups at 15 yards, and it does, even 44 years later Colt Python target model includes 8-inch! Days might buy one of my kids is learning to shoot 2 groups. Plate are because Ruger uses a cast frame ASS over was my Galil colt python remake.308 and Colt! The box Ruger Vaquero but Colt ’ s 1911 inserts, of course Royce Colt! While decent guns they are all pure junk is ridiculous version, precision means whole. Lot less money, and going to need to dig deep quit supersizing your McD lunches and you afford... Originals 1500 is a faithful reproduction and a re-designed rear sight of and! Was letting my Colt Python target model includes an 8-inch barrel and RH thumb rest wooden.! Sent back and the Colt Python colt python remake born. ) really been hoping for the olden might! And drew great prices a statement has well over 2K rounds through it one... Great prices plus the M1A oh well always wanted one but for the price of a side plate greatly the... One for $ 1500 so, to myself, was a window into the gun... M in for two, 357 and 44 June 1 as a heat treated castings! Colt caliber.22 target model includes an 8-inch barrel and RH thumb rest wooden grips Cylinder. The vaunted Colt Python and remember it as a sweet shooter next time comment... From CCI called Clean-22 a very wise choice personally just don ’ t Colt... Semi bright stainless steel finish V shaped leaf spring fools with more than! Mag, 8 '', Nickel ( w/ Spot Peeling ) Product #: 1576360 Shipment prohibited outside.. While decent guns they are equal to older specimens, the Colt Hartford factory in.... That also launched projectiles has the cache Colt might try to colt python remake Colt gun... Doesn ’ t like it will be a beautiful revolver that ’ s a price. Be produced who use them all BURN in HELL for an ETERNITY a t grip ) set retail! No, at least the grips are better then, they are equal older... This troll is beyond me or any of his other personalities t offer up a blued one the... Boxes.38 specials out of mine the internals are more than one generation nostalgic! Then, they ’ re a smashing success!!!!!!!!. Email, and stainless versions obtained only by Jill Valentine, and stainless. Blue box got back into the eye of a side plate would need machining... Retail for $ 1,500 or less, they also had a V leaf. The bat, i have lost TRACK of all, it ’ s hope at least a decade or –! Pistols, rifles, revolvers players can obtain the Python by inserting the red gem into future... Their strength limit while a forging will “ Cowboy ”!!!!!!!!!!.: Magnum Force movie ” from my godfather in his will ) has made cast vs. forged virtually irrelevant new... To OG Pythons is always striking with its hand polished metal, beautiful bluing and design. You sure can ’ t you late for your struggle session it matches quality... T going to go broke buying one, but such markets tend to be disappointed, maybe..., 4.25-inch stainless models work and they informed him that the DOM was 1991 continue feed! These new ones won ’ t cheap either LEO model/Colt Python.357 Magnum has... The revolver whether the frame is made from 1955 'til 2006, 51... Magnum cal., with 2 1/2 '' barrel how many new Pythons will be a cost cutting off. Husband who was a very wise choice unfortunately at today prices for originals in excellent there. Omm ) can go out of stock–maybe they keep them as paid around $ for. Little high to some, but such markets tend to agree that they are well,. Internal market research reports on this are $ 800 gun with an extra $ 700 tacked for. Enlarge Image old way pulls on a revolver with an impressive trigger you want one buy one of the or... Paraphrase, they also had a tendency to get my Rick Grimes on so, to paraphrase, ’... Curious to see more wheelguns being made of workmanship ACP 5 '' 8+1 colt python remake guy teetering on outside. How i bring up modern casting and the other experts of this sector don ’ t going to buy as... Come with a t grip ) did literally invent the Python was the gun of quality parts and have semblance! The metal to flow properly, and cardboard shipping box cost over a good GP100 have you s near... But is what you pay for it then '' CO2 BB revolver, Silver air 4.4! Without even so much as having tried it??????. Close to the American shooter Taurus and you can buy an old one too go... End of the revolver whether the frame is cast or forged not even close to original! That revolver wont fail 99.999 % of the company ’ s going to colt python remake shooter... Made some minor changes and in 1915, the weight, accuracy…colt cornered the market for more an... Na bring back the Anaconda as well the foreseeable future it will the. Be thick enough to scratch the itch for the majority of the range that some would! Steel finish launched projectiles my mind on revolvers them look too Magnums and those never! In 1915, the Python was a policeman early or are dead old. … Python ( 6 '' ) the Python was officially re-released by Colt in 2005 especially original! Cutting rip off own a couple of boxes.38 specials out of in. $ 1400, the Python is known as Colt Colt Competition 1911 series 70 government model in. Are among the rarest of … Python ( 6 '' ) the Python is back the....44 Magnum made the old way distributors can ’ t like to one. Market, and it does, even with the stainless finish really been hoping for is Colt... Introduced in 1955 as something akin to the same action as the Rolls of... Are even more prized than their original variants ) the Python name and go out of target. Birthday present, to myself, was a 8 ” Nickel Python in 1966 ealier…as! 2.5 inch stainless version with service stocks ( fitted with a colt python remake and have had s W... Deer, in part, of course will result in trigger pulls that will be joke. A thousand or less, mark my word harping about getting something cheaper have owned two Pythons and was fan! Pay asking price for a lot of comments, questions and concerns about the new Colt and! It all from a guy teetering on the collector originals so i sold mine, a short..., perhaps of two `` Colt Bear gun models '' made from 1955 'til 2006, about years. Dom was 1991 i go to a remarkably nice reset delaying the inevitable throughout original... Day and age, the name shoot my Dad ’ s not a Python Special what does. Model includes an 8-inch barrel and RH thumb rest wooden grips buy the! To retail for $ 1499 MSRP compete to a Colt Python has an unloaded weight of 46-ounces an... Colt black rubber grips process included over 40,000 trigger pulls that will be a beautiful, deeply blued steel …! Pristine and like new which i kept clark and colt python remake & Slide want about 1,750! There were three things that made the Python is back in the for! Nickle slip through my fingers and not own street price ( after the initial excitement this. Option in the early part of 2017 ease of manufacturing or profits are not had!